Lufkin woman who lost mother unexpectedly likes new Facebook 'Legacy Contact' feature

Lufkin woman who lost mother unexpectedly likes new Facebook 'Legacy Contact' feature

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Facebook has now made it possible to make plans for your digital afterlife. The social media platform allows you to select someone to manage your account after you die or have your page permanently deleted from the virtual world. A Lufkin woman said she wishes the feature would have been around two years ago when her mother died unexpectedly.

"It's a way to keep people's memories alive," said Shelby Grimes, who likes the new feature.

Grimes is talking about the new Facebook Legacy Contact where your account can become a memorial to your life.

"Facebook making it to where a loved one can take over a page when someone dies. I think it's fabulous," Grimes said.

Facebook launched the new feature Thursday. On a post in Facebook's newsroom, the social media giant says the site can be a place to remember the people we've lost. Users can now designate a person to manage their account in the event of their death, or you can request Facebook permanently delete your account.

Grimes said she would have appreciated the feature two years ago after her mother died suddenly.

"Yes, it would have been fabulous especially since she died so unexpectedly, and if we had this feature where we were actually able to get into her page and change it make it in memorial of or in memory of, I think it would have been great," Grimes said.

Grimes' mother died of a heart attack almost two years ago.

"I miss her every day," Grimes said. "She was my best friend, and I loved her to death."

Her mother's Facebook account is still active, but she does not have her log on information, so she can't delete it or change it.

"We have been using her Facebook kind of in a way to honor her, kind of like a tribute," Grimes said. "A lot of people go there, and they're finding memories of them with her, and it's a really great thing."

Grimes said she likes the idea of having the account change into a "Remembering" page because it still keeps their personality alive verses a tribute page that someone else sets up.

"It's great because it's still their personal page. It's got all their memories, their photos, their posts," Grimes said. "It's more personal to that person."

However, Facebook is still making sure privacy is a priority, the legacy contact won't be able to log in as the person or see their private messages. The Facebook Legacy Contact feature allows the designated person to write posts, accept new friend requests, and change profile, and it cover photos and has the option to allow an archive download of photos and posts.

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