SFA Quidditch team holds clinic for Nacogdoches kids

SFA Quidditch team holds clinic for Nacogdoches kids

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Quidditch, the sport made popular by the world-wide phenomenon that is the Harry Potter series, has taken college campuses by storm. Here in East Texas, Stephen F. Austin University has joined in on the fun.

While the modified version doesn't have any brooms or magic involved, there is an official rule book. The SFA team noticed that in the book, there was a children's version of the game and they decided that they just had to hold a clinic to teach Nacogdoches kids the beloved sport.

"What we're doing today is called Kidditch and it's meant for little kids," said SFA team captain Robert Arnold. "It's not as physical as regular Quidditch."

The team was excited by the large turnout and were even more amazed to see how many younger children were just as enamored with Harry Potter as they were.

"We have a couple of capes on out there. We've had a couple of kids say how excited they were to fly today," Arnold said. "It's pretty exciting to see little kids excited about a game that we play as adults."

The kids were just as excited as the SFA team to get out on the field and play just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

"I'm really excited because I've never done anything like this before," said Nacogdoches participant Sasha Chandler-Ezell. "I read Harry Potter with my dad all the time!"

"I've played before at a birthday party, but it will be fun to go out and do it with an actual team," said Nacogdoches participant Abbey Lantis.

While the team is happy that a new generation is interested in Quidditch, they are even more excited that the Harry Potter series itself will live on.

"It's amazing how such a generational story keeps going and going, the history of it is fantastic," Arnold said.

With the rate of popularity, maybe one day there will be a professional Quidditch league.

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