King Cake tradition alive in East Texas

King Cake tradition alive in East Texas

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - As mass let out this morning from St. Mary's Catholic Campus Ministry of Nacogdoches, church goers were partaking in a historically famous tradition... the King Cake.

The colorful cake is a staple among the cajun community, but the sweet treat is enjoyed by many during the Mardi Gras season.

One little girl said the cake tasted like pie.

"That was delicious!" said Father James Rowland of St. Mary's. "The best part of any king cake for me is always the frosting!"

Organizer of the king cake table display, East Texas local Katherine Junasa says she has plenty of king cake experience.

"My family is originally from Louisiana and in Louisiana, Mardi Gras is a big deal, so we make king cakes and celebrate Mardi Gras," said Junasa.

This special dessert is packed with tradition.

"I know when I was little I was always excited to put the sprinkles on top," Junasa said. "Then, it was always fun to find the baby."

When making a king cake, a small baby Jesus figure is placed inside the dough. The person to find the token is said to have good fortune in the upcoming year.

While this isn't a practice for the Irish Father of the St. Mary's,

"Not something we have in Ireland," admitted Rowland.

Father Rowland went into detail on some of the historical Christian ties to the dessert.

Before Mardi Gras, which tips off the season of the Lent, those fasting would rid or store away sweets and fattening foods from their kitchens.

"So one of the ways that we get rid of things like flour and eggs was during Fat Tuesday, pancakes or making rich things like cake," said Rowland.

So the king cake tradition lives on, no matter where  you live.

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