County Crews Continue Clean Up

It's been another day of cleaning up in northern Angelina County.  Heavy rain and strong wind knocked down dozens of trees Wednesday night.  County crews are doing most of the work, but some of the folks on Durant Road have their own crew to thank.

"We rallied with some food [Thursday] and brought some more [Friday] to check to see how everyone's doing," Don Wier says.

The storm left Carolyn Tinkle with broken windows and a torn up roof, but she has plenty of help picking up the pieces.

"It appears that she's got it all going well," Wier says.  "Neighbors and friends and people from our church have really responded to her side."

Although the area near Durant Road was the only section in Angelina County damaged by the storm, clean up crews have their hands full.

"Probably 10, 12 houses were affected here and we've hauled 45 to 50 loads of debris off so far, and probably have that much more to do," says Rick Harrison, Precinct 1 Commissioner.

The Durant neighborhood won't even be close to normal until the middle of next week, but county leaders say that's good news.  They know it could have been much worse.

Harrison says, "Last time we had a storm up though here on Durant, it was real extensive.  We cleaned up debris for two and a half, three weeks that time."

The other three precincts in Angelina County also offered to help clean up storm damage and debris.  Proving that East Texans are always willing to lend a hand in anyone's time of need.