"Art for the Heart," to Help Tsunami Victims

by Jessica Cervantez

People all over Texas are looking for ways to help the Tsunami victims. One high school art class, thought of what better way to help than to auction "Art from the Heart." The class is auctioning off their artwork and all the money raised will be sent to the Tsunami victim relief fund.

Corrigan-Camden High School students compares their work of art to the victims of the Tsunami. The Tsunami that tore families apart, by killing more than 159,000 people in Southeast Asia.

Manuel Flores, a student, said, that one piece of art symbolizes the Tsunami victims reaching out for help, which is why we should reach out to them and give them aid.

The National Art Honor Society wanted to come up with a way to help Tsunami victims. They became inspired, after seeing images of the destruction.

Heather Corbett, another student, said, "We're donating something from our heart, something that we love to those who loss something that they love. They can benefit from it and it will help those out that are victims in the Tsunami."

Larissa Williams, the president of the art society, said, "We're holding a silent auction called "Art for the Heart" for the recent Tsunami disaster, so what we're doing in the main hall is we have the prints up and people are bidding on them. It's continuing on until next Thursday and the bidders will be notified by January 21st."

All money raised will go to the Tsunami relief fund. It's the way the students are lending a helping hand, from thousands of miles away.

Williams said, "If something happened in the United States people would help out, and these people really need our help right now."