Storm Cleanup Continues

Donald Wolfe, a maintenance worker at the Lufkin State School said, "I had noticed a tree had fallen across the building and broke down a power line. So then I left there and went around 57 where it knocked the whole back wall down. Then I called out all the people."

Every maintenance worker at the Lufkin State School was called out to help clear the debris.

Wolfe said, "oh yeah we worked all night long trying to clean it up that night. Now we have a crew that's coming out helping us clean the rest of it."

The wind was so powerful, it not only snapped trees in half, it blew the windows out of several cars. Maintenance workers clearing the mess know it will take a long time before things get back to normal.

David Weeks, Grounds Manager at Lufkin State School said, "probably take about 3 weeks before we get all of it cleaned up and then we'll have a lot of dirt work to do to repair the damage to the grounds where the equipment tore up the grass."

In addition to damage caused by tree removing equipment, there is also destruction caused by the trees themselves. Falling limbs and roots pulled from the ground left some holes that could end up being dangerous to State School clients, not to mention the other big changes in scenery.