Was The Damage Caused By A Tornado?

What was the cause of all the destruction?

Despite many calling it a tornado, the National Weather Service says that's not the case. Weather Service Meteorologists say the damage was caused by strong winds from what's called a microburst.

They say nothing on their doppler radar indicated rotating wind like a tornado would have, but some workers at the state school tell us their windows appeared to have been sucked out of their cars. They say it's hard to believe all that damage could have been caused by straight line wind. But experts at the National Weather Service say it is possible.

Mark Frazier of the National Weather Service said, "wind is wind, weather it's circulating or straight line wind. If you got wind that could be exceeding 100 miles per hour, you're gonna have the same effect."

Frazier says if you have wind going that fast, it could cause pressure to build up around it and actually cause things to be sucked out instead of being blown in.