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Gift of Love: Makayla

(KLTV) -  It was an afternoon of pampering at Belladonna Day Spa for Makayla.  She is very friendly, outgoing and loyal to those she cares about.  This 15-year-old wants nothing more than to find a forever family.

"I'm very athletic. I used to run cross-country," Makayla said.

She would also like to get involved in volleyball and soccer.  Makayla enjoys activities in the community like going out to eat, shopping, sporting events, amusement parks and movies. 

"I love Pocahontas. I don't know what it is I just love that movie.  I'm more of a cartoon person," Makayla said.

Makayla says she would prefer to live in a big town and would love to have a cat or dog, maybe even a horse.  Makayla would like to go to college to be a lawyer.  As for her future, Makayla says she just wants to lead a good life.   

"To just grow up and be a normal person and not have to worry about my past.  Have a good job and a good family and a good husband," Makayla said.

Makayla also would love to see the world.

"I like to travel," Makayla said, "when I was little we went to Hawaii and I liked it over there in Maui and it was beautiful."

Makayla would like a mom and dad where she could be an only child or maybe have a brother that is her age.  But most importantly, Makayla is looking for a family that can show her the Gift of Love.

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