Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches

Asian City at 2732 North Street: 19 demerits for food not kept covered in coolers, food dumped into sushi bar hand sink, paper towels needed at sushi bar hand sink, weatherproofing needed for all entries and exists, thermometers needed for all coolers and freezers, ice scoop left in ice maker, equipment not kept clean and sanitary, food cannot be cooked in kitchen until vent-a-hood is working, and food prep area needed to be clean and sanitary.

La Michoacana Deli and Grill at 1000 North Street: 17 demerits for meat that needed to be discarded, sliced meats needed to be date marked, spray bottles with chemicals needed labels, test strips needed, thermometers needed for cooks, coolers, and warmers, and member of management needed to obtain food management certification.

La Michoacana Meat Market at 1000 North Street: 14 demerits for freezer floor damage needed to be repaired, sliced meats needed to be date marked, access to hand sink blocked, and hand towels needed at hand sink.

Church's at 3505 South Street, Suite C: 9 demerits for chicken strips needed to be discarded due to improper hot hold temperature, and water pressure needed to be adjusted.

Arby's at 3512 South Street, Suite A: 7 demerits for several milk products needed to be discarded, knife holder not kept clean and sanitary, some areas of food prep area not smooth and easily cleanable, vents not kept clean, and water-damaged ceiling tiles.

Chicken Express at 1614 North University Drive: 6 demerits for paper towels needed for hand wash sink, ice scoop not kept in clean container, vents not kept cleaned, shield guard needed for light in storage area, and floor behind the fryer needed to be cleaned so that it is smooth and easily cleanable.

Cici's Pizza at 3801 North Street, Suite No. 19, Northview Plaza: 5 demerits for paper towels needed for hand sink, test strips needed, damaged floor areas in food prep area needed to be repaired so that they would be smooth and easily cleanable.

Subway-Southeast Stallings location at 2430 Southeast Stallings Drive: 3 demerits for path to hand wash sink blocked, missing dumpster lid, and scattered trash behind dumpster needed to be picked up.

Brookshire Brothers Deli and Grill-University Drive at 1420 North University Drive: 3 demerits for utensil storage area not kept clean and sanitary and grease splatter not kept wiped down.

Whataburger at 2617 North Street: 3 demerits for two thermometers needed to be re calibrated.

Nick's No. 5 at 3001 Durst Street: 3 demerits for thermometers needed for all coolers and freezers.

Shipley Donuts at 2415 North Street; 0 demerits.