East Texas feels effects of 850K licenses being reissued across state

East Texas feels effects of 850K licenses being reissued across state

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - The Texas Department of Public Safety is reissuing approximately 850,000 drivers licenses and IDs within the next couple weeks.

East Texan Peggy Fitzgerald was confused when she saw this piece of mail arrive at her door.

"I saw it was from the Department of Public Safety, and I figured it was a red light ticket," Fitzgerald said. "That's the only think of because I wasn't expecting a drivers license."

Upon finding her new license, her confusion increased.

"I compared the two, and they look identical," Fitzgerald explained.

The letter accompanying her ID explained the dangers of having two ID's on a person but said nothing of what had been changed.

"I believe they should have told us what the problem was because like I said, if I look at both of them, and they look identical, except for one little 'i,'" said Fitzgerald. "Why do I even need a new one?"

In an attempt to answer her question, Fitzgerald's daughter looked online.

"My daughter did a Google search and said there was supposed to be something about the 'i' next to the 'd, 'and I looked, and it is different," said Fitzgerald.

The small misprint on the back of the drivers licenses for the word "directive," was the only error found. DPS would not comment on what the error was.

While the differences in the two cards may be minor, DPS Media and Communications Senior Writer Summer Blackwell explained, "Mailings should be completed by the end of the month. Approximately 90 percent of the replacements have already been mailed. It is important that the customer destroy the old card as instructed.

Many Texans, similar to Fitzgerald are concerned about who is paying for all of this.

According to the DPS, the card production vendor is covering the cost for producing and mailing the replacement IDs, not the taxpayers.

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