Numerous Accidents Cause Speed Limit Reduction

On a section of South First Street, there have been numerous accidents, most of them caused by speed.

Officer Toby Stanaland of the Lufkin Police Department said, "I've worked many accidents out here by the light and speed is, 9 times out of 10, speed is a factor in the accident."

The fact is, there have been so many accidents, that the Texas Department of Transportation decided to reduce the speed limit from 55 miles an hour to 45. Officers say it won't help with the traffic any, but it will help save lives.

Stanaland said, "what it is going to do is lower the number of accidents we had because of the rate of speed and the injuries people have will be less."

Right after we finished interviewing Officer Stanaland, we saw him pull away and immediately catch a speeder. Stanaland says despite the signs and increased patrol many people still haven't gotten the message. Drivers we spoke with say they agree with the change.

One driver said, "I think it's real great, stop a lot of these people from having wrecks right here."

"I think it's a good idea because there's a lot of traffic going through here and there's a college over here. That's a good idea," said another.

It seems they like the thought of traffic slowing down, but is it just a thought or will they obey the new speed limit? Some say they don't think they'll go 45 all the way to the loop, but if they don't, they may have officers flashing their lights behind them.