Nacogdoches Trade Days

There's something for just about everyone at the Nacogdoches Trade Days. From trinkets to gadgets, they've got it all.

Morris Bass, a vendor said some of his items included "aroma ice, home made candles...hematite jewelry."

Many of the people are out selling their goods on the road all year long. Some we spoke with say they've been to trade days in other states. More than a hobby, it's survival for many of these vendors. Vendors like Mike, the fruit guy.

Mike Leonard, a fruit vendor said, "it's a full time job. This is how I make a living and pay my bills. I go to Canton, I go to two shows here in Nacogdoches."

Mike says the life of a traveling salesman isn't too bad. He meets many people and becomes friends with the other vendors.

Mike said, "it's like one big happy family, we help each other."

A few years ago, something happened that caused Mike to be off the road, and out of work. His wife suffered a heart attack, but while they were dealing with her medical problems, Mike got a firsthand look at true friendship.

"When that happened with my wife, there were several vendors that just took over our booth for us. There was no problems at all, it was like we were their family," said Mike.

Mike says his wife is now doing just fine, and thanks to the help of the other vendors, he's still able to be out on the coldest of days, selling to make a living.