Two Jasper gas stations compete in friendly "Gas War" to help community

Two Jasper gas stations compete in friendly "Gas War" to help community

When the Latch Oil Fuel Stop in Jasper starting lowering their prices, the Jasper Jiffy right across the street began lowering their prices too, and customers were amazed at how cheap filling up was going to be.

"I was getting ready to pump my gas at Shell and then I saw they lowered prices across the street too," said Jasper resident Rodney Norsworthy. "Man, what a bargain!"

It turned out that the two gas station were participating in a friendly gas war and their customers came out in mass numbers to reap the benefits.

"I was excited because prices haven't been this low in a long time," said Jasper resident Raymond Westcott.

Word spread quickly through social media and the lines to both of the stations became enormous, wrapping around the main streets of both stores.

"People are calling on their phones and telling other people about the prices here in Jasper," Norsworthy said. "They're using their phones to take pictures and send it to people.

Word has grown so fast that people from all over East Texas came out to Jasper to get in on the low prices.

Latch Oil Fuel and the Jasper Jiffy said they started this friendly competition in order to help out their local community and the customers are nothing but grateful.

"I appreciate it," said Kirbyville resident Bill Chambers. "I think all the people that are driving around and standing in line appreciate it also."

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