San Augustine ISD first of many to prep for winter weather

San Augustine ISD first of many to prep for winter weather
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - San Augustine was the first to announce the early dismissal of their campuses, and many more followed.

"We scheduled the release early enough that we could have our kids off the buses and have our buses back before the storm hits," Principal Tim Little said. "We also canceled all of our after school activities. We did not want the parents to have to get back out in this weather."

At the time of the release there was just a strong wind, but with the mercury dropping and the chance of rain on the rise, officials with the district felt it best to let the students have a half day.

"You always make your decision on the best information at the time and you always decide it in a way that protects students' safety."

The decision did keep the staff busy answering calls, but parents understood and supported the announcement.

"It says a lot that they are concerned and they do care," Stephanie Carpenter said.

"I know that they are out for their safety," Vicky Waller said. "They are looking out for the kids and that they have the kids best interest at heart."

Many of the parents got to school early including Kim Holman who remembered the dangerous roads during the icy days during 2014.

"It was horrible," Holman said. "It was horrible."

Little said even if it does not sleet, he became a very like person on campus.

"When you get to give them some good news they like you," Little said. "Then they don't like you the next day when you have to give them the bad news."

The district averages around 97 % on attendance and today had around 94% of students show up. Little said the district plans on starting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday but will continue to monitor the situation.

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