Nacogdoches and Lufkin crews prepare for possible snow and ice

Nacogdoches and Lufkin crews prepare for possible snow and ice

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Monday's cold front and small amount of freezing rain gave crews the chance to get ready for possible snow and sleet Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

"We dodged a bullet so we are very fortunate with that," Director of Nacogdoches Public Works Cary Walker said.

Crews spent in Nacogdoches Spent Tuesday morning making sure their sander was ready to go.

"We've got this truck doing the actual spreading and other trucks loaded with materials as needed so we can reload this one out on the job if needed," Walker said.

The sander can hold up to 5,000 pounds of rock that will be spread across elevated surfaces including bridges.

Lufkin has two sanders on standby with 6 crew members ready to hit the roads."We are just looking for those normal spots that we always see issues with," Lufkin Street Director Steve Poskey said.

TXDOT will also have sanders ready for the main overpasses and highways.

"Our crews will be working throughout this weather event," TXDOT spokesperson Rhonda Oaks said. "Caution is advised, especially on bridges and overpasses."

Poskey said their crews can also assist other groups if needed.

"We have in the past when it gets real, real bad, and I hope it does not get that bad," Poskey said.

All three departments learned from last year's winter that brought several snow and ice days to the region.

"It helps you prepare in the future," Walker said. "It helps you know what you need to improve on. That's why we are here this morning. We are making sure everything is working fine, we have adequate coverage and we are not putting too much on the roads, but just enough for the cars to get by."

Poskey is hoping the weather passes with no major issues.

"I'm prepared for the worst and hoping for the best," Poskey said.

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