East Texas youth's memory honored at Youth Fair

East Texas youth's memory honored at Youth Fair

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For Taylor Franklin, 12, raising chickens was his passion.

"You got to make sure they're up walking every hour," explain Taylor.

While the seventh grader battled with chronic heart and asthma issues, his mother explained that Taylor did his best to live a normal life.

"Friday, he had a school dance that he went to," said mother Daisy Fenner. "Saturday he hung out at home. Sunday he got a little sick, but he was okay. Then, he got really sick."

Late Sunday evening, Taylor passed. He left behind three chickens and a hog he had been raising on his own.

"A lot of days he got to work with his pig, a lot of days he didn't," said Fenner. "He's been sick since November, back-and-forth in the hospital every month."

Her son's most recent goal, was to show his chickens in the Angelina County Youth Fair.

"He loved the fair," explained Fenner. "He stayed in the hospital the next week after, because of all the dust but he loved the fair!"

Tonight, Taylor's fellow 4-H club friend, made sure these animals had their opportunity to compete.

"I'm showing his chickens and his hogs," said seventh grader Hannah Sellman.

Sellman, explained that Taylor was a loved student at school.

"He was an outgoing person, he was sweet, and he was nice," Sellman said. "He liked to makes jokes and stuff."

According to Taylor's mother, he felt the same way about his friend Hannah and saw no one better but her to present his chickens.

"His mom just said that he always talked about me and stuff," said Sellman.

"I'm thankful for Hannah, that she is doing it for Taylor," Fenner said.

Just two day after Taylor's death, his mother is making a plea to all parents.

"Taylor was awesome," said Fenner. "Just make sure you love your kids. You never know. So many people take their kids for granted and Taylor love life, and he loved God and he knew he went to heaven. He told me 'goodbye' before he went. So, just love your kids."

As described by Taylor family and friends, a little piece of heaven was present in the show ring, tonight.

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