Lufkin gym teacher uses grant to build rock climbing wall

Lufkin gym teacher uses grant to build rock climbing wall

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One Lufkin ISD gym has a new and unique way to bring physical fitness and fun together. Back in December, the Dunbar Primary School gym teacher applied for a grant from the Lufkin Education Foundation. Cameron Seal is already taking students to new heights.If gym wasn't already their favorite subject, that changed a couple days ago.

"We finally got a rock wall," said Egypt Burns, a student.

"I wanted a rock wall, a climbing wall, for a very long time," Seal said.

East Texas News was there when Lufkin Education Foundation surprised Cameron Seal with drums, cheerleaders, and a generous grant to be used for a special project. She started working toward her dream shortly after.

"They've been down this journey with me for the past couple years," Seal said.

A few days ago, these students saw an idea become a reality.

"I think it was something they would have never imagined," Seal said.

"Yes, it's really special," said Khlyque Sexty, a student.

Dunbar Primary students didn't hide their excitement or fear for climbing the wall Thursday.

"You could exercise your legs and muscles and get your heart beating and everything," Sexty said.

Seal said the wall is not just for climbing. It will also be used for several educational purpose like "cooperation with others to spacial awareness."

"I mean it's endless what we can do with this wall," Seal said.

"It's a lot of fun," Sexty said.

Seal said most importantly, she's happy she was able to introduce her students with something they might not have had the chance to experience anywhere else.

"Climbing the wall, I almost fell but I hold on," Sexty said.

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