East Texans taking advantage of ongoing Jasper gas war

East Texans taking advantage of ongoing Jasper gas war

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - The friendly gas war that started last week in Jasper between Latch Oil Fuel Stop and the Jasper Jiffy continued through Friday.

With national gas prices beginning to increase, it seems like people will travel almost anywhere to get a good price.

"I drove 45 miles for an hour getting here," said Evadale resident Kay Dykes.

"I drove about 30 to 45 minutes," said Kirbyville resident Jared Branch. "It's actually worth the drive with gas prices being as high as they are."

People from all over East Texas and beyond have been coming out to get in on the low prices.

"I love it. People are coming from Beaumont, they come from Center, and I've even seen people from Louisiana," said Jasper resident Willie Rawles.

"We heard about people coming from Hemphill, Kirbyville, Buna, Silsbee coming down here just to get gas," Dykes said.

People were not only just gassing up their vehicles, they were filling up multiple gas cans and containers as well, taking advantage of the good prices..

"I love to save money. In today's times, if you can save a little on fuel, then that's some more to spend somewhere else," said Linden resident Tommy Kessler

The intention Latch Oil Fuel Stop and Jasper Jiffy had in mind when they started lowering their prices was to help out their community. Now other communities are also benefiting from the gas war.

"I think it's actually interesting to see people coming from different places and fill their vehicles up," Branch said. "It actually helps a lot of people in these times. I feel great about it; it helps me out a lot."

While there's no telling how long the gas war will last, people from all over East Texas are appreciative of Jasper's generosity.

The lowest price as of today was posted at $1.27 per gallon at Latch Oil Fuel Stop.

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