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Chireno students pay homage to civil war history

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

Chireno ISD Librarian Robin Hardy challenged her students to get creative during the last week of Black History Month. 

"It just amazed me how much they were willing to do the research to learn about the Civil War and to learn about the Underground Railroad," Hardy said.

The Chireno students created detailed battle scene dioramas, historical quilts, and other Civil War items. Hardy was happy to admit that most of these students had some help from mom and dad. 

"My diorama is actually the one that my daddy made whenever he was really little," said Matthew Mathews, who created a diorama of the Battle of Bull Run. "So, I re-did it, and I put the men all back, and he told me where to put it."

Something even more surprising, none of these students received a grade or extra credit for this project. So why did these students participate in this challenge? 

"At first, we wanted to take down the boys," joked Chireno 5th grader Brooklyn Conert. "But then, it ended up as a fun project, and it was really fun to spend time with each other and work together to make this really cool diorama."

After viewing more than 15 dioramas and three handmade quilt pieces, Hardy said she was overjoyed. 

"I expected great things, but they really blew me away," Hardy said.

Hardy even admitted the students were able to teach her a few things about the Civil War.

"For me, I am an object learner," said Hardy. "If I can see it touch it, taste it smell it, it sticks in my mind. So I thought that it would do the same for them, and I truly believe that through this experience, that's what happened. Allowing their knowledge come to life, these students prove that history is still highly valued among the youth of today's generation."

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