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01/18/05 - Lufkin

Family Speaks Out About Drunk Driving Wreck

by Ramonica R. Jones

Two-year-old Shomari Roberts looks like a healthy toddler.  You'd never know she has a fractured skull - an injury she got Saturday morning after the car she was in got hit by alleged drunk driver, Preston McKenzie.

The hospital released Shomari the same day.  McKenzie also got to go home.

"That's ridiculous to me," Shomari's aunt, Ceresta Garrett, says.  "That makes no sense.  The baby's hurt and he's out of jail already, and she's gonna be under the [doctor's care] for a while.  It's terrible."

Shomari's seven-year-old sister, Keyshauna, was also in the car, but didn't get hurt.  Shomari's mom, Tonya, ended up with a few bumps and bruises.  Ceresta, who was in the car in front of Tonya, has a strained neck. 

A few years ago, Preston McKenzie would have been charged with DWI causing bodily injury, a misdemeanor.  Stricter laws that took effect in 2001 mean he'll be charged with a more serious crime, intoxication assault, which is a felony.

If convicted of intoxication assault, 52-year-old McKenzie could get 10 years in prison.  He's out of jail on bond.

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