WIC Celebrates 30 Years and Helps Countless Families

by Jessica Cervantez

The WIC program has passed a major milestone. The nutrition program for women, infants, and children has been around for thirty years now. One East Texas woman says without the WIC program she doesn't know where she would be.

Kay Caskey has her hands full with twins, Alana and Brice, and their older brother, Caleb, which is why she relies on the WIC program.

Caskey said, "I don't see where anybody would be if they didn't have WIC, especially the little ones when they need formula and stuff because formula is so expensive."

Not only does the WIC program provide the Caskey family with milk, cereal, cheese and other foods, it also teaches them much more.

WIC Director Angela Quillin said, "We supply healthy foods and nutrition education to pregnant women and young children. We approach them at the most critical growth points to get a positive outcome."

The WIC program has now been helping East Texans for thirty years. In Angelina County alone, the staff of eleven sees more than 3,500 clients a month.

Quillin said, "$1.5 million of WIC vouchers are redeemed in Angelina County, so it's a big boost to our economy."

Caskey said, "My kids probably go through two gallons of milk every other day, they love their juice, so I'm glad there's WIC."

Like their bulletin board says, "Texas WIC, Celebrating 30 years of Growing Healthy Families."