Trinity PD: Man who tried to swallow cocaine is suspect in 5 car burglaries

Trinity PD: Man who tried to swallow cocaine is suspect in 5 car burglaries

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - After officers with the Trinity Police Department questioned the man who allegedly tried to eat a plastic bag containing cocaine Tuesday, they now believe that he broke into at least five cars and ransacked them.

Devin Mills is still being held in the Trinity Police Department Jail. In addition to the first-degree possession of a controlled substance charge, a third-degree felony tampering with physical evidence charge, a third-degree felony prohibited substance in a correctional facility, and a capias warrant for traffic offenses. Mills now faces five Class A misdemeanor burglary of a vehicle charges.

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said Thursday that his department had been investigating numerous car burglaries that had occurred within the last week. He said after they arrested Mills, they were led to believe that he was the person responsible for at least five car burglaries.

Jones said that Mills ransacked the cars and stole items from them. The TPD recovered a laptop that had been stolen from a woman that didn't even know the computer had been taken from her car.

Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones said one of his officers arrested Mills on the outstanding capias warrant, which basically meant he owed a fine. When Officer Donald Givens told Mills to open his hand, he refused, Jones said.

When the TPD officer went to take Mills' handcuffs off at the jail, he noticed that Mills had his right hand clenched, Jones said.

"Givens had the guy's left hand free at the time," Jones said. "People with one handcuff have been proven to be dangerous and could possibly be deadly. Givens took control of the guy and continued to order to him drop whatever it was in his hand."

Jones said at that point, they didn't know whether Mills had a "gun, knife, or drugs."

"Yes, there are guns small enough to fit in the palm of your hand," Jones said.

Joining the fray, Jones tried to pry Mills' fingers open, but he couldn't do it.

"It was too close of an area for me to shoot him with the Taser, so I took the cartridge off and used the Taser as a dry stunning device," Jones said. "When I did it, he dropped what he had in his hand."

Shortly after the two Trinity police officers realized that it was a bag of cocaine, Mills allegedly "wiggled his hand down, picked up the plastic bag, and tried to swallow it. Jones grabbed his wrist and prevented him from doing so.

Jones said that if Mills had managed to swallow the bag, it could have been deadly for him, Jones said.

"Once he released the cocaine, he stopped resisting and apologized over and over to us," Jones said.

When the officers weighed the cocaine and the bag, they weighed about 14 grams, Jones said. He said a field test proved that it was cocaine.

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