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Lufkin PD annual warrant round up began Saturday morning

 A lot of knocking and waiting happened bright and early this morning as Lufkin PD kicked off their annual Warrant Round Up.
"Most of the time they're expecting us. They know they've got their warrants and they know during Warrant Round Up, we're coming," said Lufkin City Marshal Mark Carnley. "They know if they're at home or their place of business, they're going to see us."
LPD was greeted with many " no answers"  this morning, which isn't unusual. Saturday is the slowest day of the round up every year.  According to City Marshal Mark Carnley, things went exactly as he thought they would. 
 "The situation we had is about what we expect every year. It's almost a replica of what he had last year for Saturday," Carnley said.
Although the day was mostly slow, they were able to get a few people into Lufkin Municipal Court to take care of their warrants. 
"It's a lot different than having to go through a patrol and enforce a warrant and working with the municipal court and enforcing a warrant," said LPD patrol officer David McMullen.  "It's a lot smoother, people weren't as apt to be aggressive with us."
According to LPD, the round up saves them a lot of time and trouble as well as the people with the outstanding warrants.
 "I think it's a good thing. It will hopefully save us some trouble over the next couple of weeks because not as many people will have a warrant," McMullen said.
With around 18,000 outstanding warrants in Lufkin, LPD is hopes they can help as many people out as they can.
"This year I'm hoping we are able to close more cases and get a lot of people independent from worrying about the warrants, fines, and citations they have," Carnley said.

The round up will continue throughout the week. If you know you have an outstanding warrant, you ar urged to go to Lufkin Municipal Court and get it taken care of.

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