Korean War POW art honored in Nacogdoches

Korean War POW art honored in Nacogdoches
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The stories of hundreds of prisoners of war came to life in Nacogdoches today during a special book ceremony.

"My grandmother started handing it out to POW's twenty-something years ago," said Miles Comeau, grandson of POW Benjamin L. Comeau.

In college, Miles showed special interest for his grandfather's Korean War prisoner illustrations.

"A lost war, I guess, is what it is referred to," said Miles. "There's not a whole lot of history of what it is like to be a prisoner of war, during the Korean war."

SFA college professor, Charles Jones, guided miles through the publishing process of "Honey Bucket Charlie."

"When I took Charlie's class I needed some content and I showed Charlie the book, so we compiled the first edition," explained Miles.

Jones supplemented the Comeau art work with Korean War photography.

The son of that photographer, an East Texas native, said he was eager to work with Jones on this veteran project.

"I mentioned to him that my father had worked for the Red Cross. They had sent him to Korea and to photograph basically the MASH hospitals, that was kind of his focus," said Pipp Gillette, son of Guy Gillette.

"He felt it kind of rounded out the story and the book," said Gillette.

The book reception included further explanation of the art, as well as performances of popular songs and poetry of the 1950's.

Comeau says he and his family plan to pass this book down for many generations to come.

Copies of the book can be found here.

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