Lufkin's Screen Geeks reacts to new Apple Watch

Lufkin's Screen Geeks reacts to new Apple Watch

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Age of the smart watches is in full swing with today's unveiling of the new Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tom Cook told a crowd at the company's California headquarters that the new Apple Watch is the most advanced time piece ever created.

With the sleek new look including a gold plated version that will cost around $10,000, the watches are turning heads.

"Just the overall feel and aesthetic of the watch I do like," said Screen Geeks owner Matt Davis.

Apple is one of the last of the major developers to enter the world of smart watches and Davis said it was only a matter of time.

"We are a generation that craves content getting to us a fast as possible and having it right on their wrist is as easy as it gets, Davis said.

Last fall, Cook first unveiled the new device that can work with multiple devices and is being pushed as a game changer in the health and fitness world.

Today the tech giant unveiled the watch comes in three different styles. The Apple Watch Sport is the lowest version of the watch that will start at $349. The Apple Watch comes with a steel case and will having a starting price at $549 and will go to $1,049 but could be higher based on the band that is chosen. There is a limited edition of the watch that will have a price tag of up to $17,000.

One of the biggest concerns for Davis is the battery life. Davis said he believes the smart watches are not where they should be on battery power for what they want to do.

"Apple says there watch will have an 18 hour life span," Davis said. "Real world, I assume that means 12 to 14 hours. They usually go over a little bit."

When it comes to the software of the watch, Davis has his doubts.

"As far as the software and what the watch does, it seems more of the same as the android device," Davis said.

Davis said he does not believe the rise of the smart watch means the demise of the analog watch.

"I don't think they will ever become fully obsolete," Davis said. "I think there is a portion of people that do not want an extra device."

Orders for the new watch will begin on April 10. Shipping is expected to start on April 24.

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