Mismatched Spring Breaks lead to increased SFA campus visits

Mismatched Spring Breaks lead to increased SFA campus visits

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Many cities across the East Texas area are kicking off Spring Break the second week of March. Still, schools like Stephen F. Austin State University are in session until the third week of March.

"We do our calendar planning about two or three years ahead," said SFA Vice President Dr. Richard Berry.

Berry explains there are many factors that go into deciding when Spring Break falls.

"It's a long-range planning process that doesn't always line up with everyone in the state," Berry said.

Berry also said they consider their surrounding community during this decision process.

"We do try and coordinate as much as possible with the Nacogdoches Independent School District because so many of our folks are associated, in one way or another," explained Berry. "They have children in the Nacogdoches schools, or they have spouses that teach in the Nacogdoches schools."

Despite the East Texas rain, there is one department on the SFA campus that is feeling the effects of early spring breakers.

"We just thought it would be a good opportunity to go look at some colleges, because that is what we are going to be doing next year," said SFA guest Justin Pulliam.

On Monday alone, SFA Admissions provided 51 campus tours, as compared to their typical 15 tours. They have had to make some changes to their daily tour practice.

"We've moved everything from our Rusk building admissions office to the movie theater in the Student Center where we can accommodate everyone comfortably," said Assistant Director of Admissions Ryan Horne.

Student tour guides are coming straight from class to help facilitate these tours.

"We are just having to pull more students than we normally do to cover the amount of tours because we want to make sure that our guests are getting that personalized experience" Horne said.

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