Will There Be Prayer At The Presidential Inauguration?

An atheist's attempt to ban prayer at Thursday's Inauguration Ceremony was struck down by the Supreme Court Wednesday.

You may remember Michael Newdow from his earlier attempts to remove the words "Under God" from the Pledge Of Allegiance 2 years ago. He did not succeed with that but did succeed in causing a controversy and angering many in the religious community.

Pastors we spoke with say while they disagree with what he's trying to do, they realize he does have that right.

Jeff Bonnin, an Associate Pastor at Carpenter's Way Baptist Church said, "as an American he has every right to express that but the bottom line is our country was founded on biblical principals based on God's law, and we still are a Christian nation."

Newdow's case was thrown out because the Supreme Court Justices said he couldn't prove actual injury based on prayer during the inauguration.