SFA Greeks respond to OU fraternity's racial chant

SFA Greeks respond to OU fraternity's racial chant

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A racial chant lead to the immediate shutdown of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at Oklahoma University and made national headlines.

"They probably thought they would watch it and save it for later, but it ended up getting out. That probably wasn't their intention," said Jermaine Merritt, the Inter fraternity Council Public Relations and Service chairman.

.The president of OU saw to it that the members felt severe consequences. In his public statement, he said, "As they pack their bags, I hope they think long and hard about what they've done."

"They're definitely going against what's in their creed and laws. I know that for sure,"Merritt said. 

Greek organizations at SFA attended their meetings as usual today. They discussed the issue, but were aware that their voices and opinions represented the school and their fraternities. 

"It took me back," said Merritt. 

Merritt who was able to comment, said Greek life isn't this way at SFA.   

"Some focus on service and philanthropy, and some really focus on education," said Merritt.  

He says though some organizations were founded by certain ethnicities, today, there should be no racial lines stopping students from joining the organization that fits them best. His fraternity was founded by White males.  

"I'm Black, and I'm the president of it.  Things are changing. The times are changing,"said Merritt. 

Merritt says the chant was probably nothing new...

"They did not come up with the song. It has been handed down from generations," said Merritt. 

but with today's recent racial tension and a need for progression, he says these consequences were appropriate. 

"It definitely sends a bad message and tears down everything Greeks are trying to build up," Merritt said.

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