Cracking Down on Litter

by Jessica Cervantez

Law enforcement is proving that they are serious about cracking down on litter offenders. A hearing was held for a Nacogdoches County couple accused of illegal dumping in a creek in the Southeast part of the county.

During the hearing, Darion Berry and Misty Lynn Green pleaded not guilty to the charges of illegal dumping. They are accused of dumping a large amount of trash into a creek.

Green said, "It is a misunderstanding."

They called it a misunderstanding, but a witness who says he saw the suspects with his own eyes had hoped they wouldn't have to go to trial.

Pernell Moore, the witness, said, "I just have to wait and let them plead their case, but I wish you know we could have gotten it all solved today so we wouldn't have to come back another day."

Moore says the creek is part of his grandfather's property and they want to keep clean.

Moore said, "It pollutes the creek when you dump it in the creek. If I don't help keep my own property clean, the state will fine me also, so you just need to keep your own property clean."

Judge David Perkins, of precinct four in Nacogdoches County, said they are seeing illegal dumping far too often.

Judge Perkins said, "This is a growing, continued problem in Nacogdoches County. I see cases with large dump sites on the side of the road and on people's property. It affects the taxpayer, it affects the landowner, it affects the environment. We need more enforcement in these areas."

If found guilty, the couple could face up to a $500 fine, and may even be asked to pick the trash up, which is exactly what Moore wants.