SFA women's basketball team crowned back-to-back SLC champions

SFA women's basketball team crowned back-to-back SLC champions

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The SFA women's basketball team wrapped up conference play with a 16-2 record and have clinched the Southland Conference Title in back-to-back fashion.

"Once you win something it's your forever. They can't come take that away from you," said SLC coach of the year, Brandon Schneider.

"It just felt great to accomplish yet another championship because you do it one year and you know you have to work hard the rest of the year following to achieve the same goal," said senior Tierany Henderson. "It just felt good. All the preparation and work we put into our ultimate goal of winning a championship worked out."

Scheinder has been the captain of this ship, and even as this season's Coach of the Year, reaping the benefit of success is more so for his players.

"Last year when we won, there were two people in the locker room that had never cut down a net. So to watch everyone do that for the first time, that's always fun for me to see new players and their first experience ever hoisting a trophy," said Schneider. "Those are memories and emotions that mean a lot to me, but I get a lot of enjoyment of seeing the satisfaction in the players eyes."

"I don't think words can explain it. I mean joy, relief, just being able to see all your teammates happy, knowing we worked hard for that, and we accomplished what we worked for," said SLC player of the year Porsha Roberts.

The women also beat Sam Houston State in front of a packed crowd.

"The crowd was amazing. I've never seen the coliseum that packed," said Henderson.

"The stands, it was crazy," said Roberts.

There was more than an SLC title on the line Saturday night- there was pride. The Ladyjacks fell short to the Bearkats earlier in the season.

"The fact that it was Sam and they're considered to be our rivals made it all the more better because we defeated them, everybody saw, we won a championship, and they had to watch us cut down the nets," said Henderson.

Bouncing back after losing the very first game of conference and another to a longtime rival early in the season, proved the Ladyjacks have the heart of a champion

"After that it was like, we aren't losing anymore," said Henderson. "This is our goal and if we're going to get to it, we have to win out. So we just kept that mentality through each game and we came out on top."

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