East Texan Featured in Presidential Inauguration

by Ramonica R. Jones

The Tipton family already planned to watch the inauguration, but when they found out their son would play a big part in Thursday's ceremony, they knew they couldn't miss it.

As a Navy seaman, Joshua Tipton is a flag bearer for the U.S. Navy's Ceremonial Guard.  He was front and center on television sets across the country.

Debbie and Bill Tipton say, "It's no big deal to him. It's just a job.  It's kinda like going to work every morning.  It's a job that we do and he doesn't get as excited about it as maybe we do."

Band and Boy Scouts were among Joshua's after school activities as a student at Diboll High School.  Being an overachiever always came naturally.  His parents say it's obvious that nothing's changed.

"I think he's doing a fantastic job representing our country," says Debbie.  "He takes his job very serious, and he's just a 100 percent American boy."

Which is why the Tiptons couldn't be prouder of their hometown hero.  Joshua also carried the Navy flag last summer during former President Reagan's nationally televised funeral.