Ten Commandments Tour Comes to Lufkin

The Ten Commandments monument is wrapping up its Texas tour.  The symbol was removed from an Alabama supreme court building and has been the topic of controversy ever since.

'American Veterans Standing for God and Country' have taken the monument to 16 different states, showing the piece to anyone who wants to see it.  Local church leaders say it's something everyone should be a part of.

Mark Sawyer, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, says, "I think it'll make a connection for people they might not otherwise make.  They'll be able to touch the monument.  There's also other documents that are engraved around it from the founding fathers.  It's a real piece of American history."

The Ten Commandments monument will make a stop in Lufkin next week.  You can see the monument at Heritage Baptist Church on the loop next Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  You're also invited to join in a rally that will be held at noon.