Keg Registration is a Hot Topic for Law Makers - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

01/20/05 - East Texas

Keg Registration is a Hot Topic for Law Makers

A push to make keg registration a law in Texas is once again a hot topic for lawmakers in Austin.

It's a system police use to identify and punish adults and underage drinkers who buy beer kegs and use them to supply alcohol to minors.  The process requires kegs to be marked with identification numbers at the point of purchase.  When authorities confiscate a keg at a party, whoever bought it can be identified, arrested or fined if it's being used illegally.

Janet Taylor, executive director for the Chamber Coalition for a Better Community, says, "It would be such a help for law enforcement.  Law enforcement has been wanting this.  Sometimes it takes [the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission] six months to track who bought the keg and sometimes they never can track who bought the keg."

Right now, 14 states already have keg registration laws.

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