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01/20/05 - East Texas

Possible Forced Blood Alcohol Tests For Suspected Drunk Drivers

by Chris Cato

Blood alcohol tests for suspected drunk drivers could be mandatory, even if you refuse. The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to let stand an earlier decision by a Wisconsin Supreme Court, allowing a blood test without a warrant.

The decision won't change things much here in Texas because a blood test is already mandatory for drivers here. Officer Greg Denman of the Lufkin Police Department said, "When you sign for your drivers license, you give permission on the drivers license to have a sample of your breath or blood whenever a police officer requests it."

Officer Denman says you cannot physically force a person to give a blood test, but he says if they refuse to willingly donate, they could lose their license for six months on top of other charges.

An officer could take a blood sample from an unwilling suspected drunk driver, if it is from a free flowing wound. So, if a person was injured in an accident and the officer suspected that person to be intoxicated, the officer could take a sample from an injury sustained in that accident.

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