Flu Widespread In Texas

by Chris Cato

The flu has hit Texas, and it's hitting the state hard. According to the Centers For Disease Control, the flu virus is now widespread across Texas, especially in larger cities.

That's not the case around East Texas, though. Health professionals in Lufkin tell us they haven't seen many flu cases this season.

Dr. Doyle Haynes, an emergency room doctor at Lufkin's Memorial Health System, said, "I've seen, actually, it seems to me, a little bit of reduction in the number of patients with flu-like symptoms. But I would say, more in December, we had a pretty good rush, but not more recently."

Just because the flu is not widespread in East Texas yet doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Doctors say you should still protect yourself by washing your hands regularly, especially if you plan on traveling to larger areas.

Angelina County is out of flu vaccine, but you can still get flu shots in other places.