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Gift of Love: Derricka

Derricka wants a forever family Derricka wants a forever family
(KLTV) -  It was an afternoon of painting and creativity for Derricka and me.  This 16 year old sophomore loves to be active.

"Mainly basketball but softball too," Derricka said.

Derricka aspires to be a professional basketball player or a basketball coach when she grows up.  And she tells me she has always wanted to go to a WNBA game.

Derricka can be shy when first meeting someone but once she gets to know you, she likes to be silly and have fun.  She is a hard worker, competitive  and a strong advocate for herself.  In school, her favorite subject is science but math, not so much.

"I thought about going into the Army after graduation," Derricka said.

And then Derricka would like to attend Notre Dame for college.

Going to church is important to Derricka.  Right now she is in praise dance group.  She also likes to listen to music but that's not all.

"Play video games or write," Derricka said.

As for her favorite things to eat, pizza and ice cream top her list.

When it comes to finding her forever family, Derricka says she's not picky.

"I doesn't really matter as long as they accept me for who I am," Derricka said.
Derricka wants to be adopted into an active family who will allow her to be a “normal” teenager.

"I just want to have a family, someone that cares about me," Derricka said.

She would like to remain in contact with her three siblings in Texas.  Two of them have already been adopted and other sibling resides in a supportive living facility.  Derricka says she looks forward to doing family things the most.
"Just spend quality time together because you know I've never really had that," Derricka said.

This teenager wants more than anything to find a forever family, a family that will show Derricka the Gift of Love.

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