Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 3/11/15

The Lunch Box, 1014 John Redditt Drive: 15 demerits for cold hold, remove expired food from shelves, back door must be self-closing tight-fitting, dirty dishes may not be stored in mop sink, chemical test strips required.

Carl's Jr., 1301 S. First Street: 14 demerits for all employees must have ACCHD FHC within 30 days of hire, clean venthood filters above grill, do not use flyers without filters in place, clean under prep table at drive-through, manual warewashing and sanitizing must be at 200 ppm, repair leak in walk-in freezer.

Taco Bell, 2214 S. First Street: Eight demerits for ACCHD FM needed on-site, all employees must have ACCHD FHC within 30 days of hire, clean floor under equipment under fryers and front service area, floor needs to be smooth and easily cleanable, repair peddle to front handsink.

Hunan Chinese Restaurant, 1108 North Timberland Drive: Four demerits for clean under equipment, do not use paper bags to store food, damaged floors need repair, remove old baker's table.

Mom's Diner, 304 Douglas Street: Three demerits for handsink in kitchen must be accessible.

Steven's Catering, 1901 FM 842: No demerits.

Woodland Heights, 505 S. John Redditt Drive: No demerits.

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