Ladyjacks star thrives on being a leader

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Porsha Roberts: You'll hear that name time and time again when you attend any Ladyjack basketball game

"The day she stepped on campus the first thing I remember is just her work ethic. I tell people who call me about her, I've not seen her take a possession off whether it was in conditioning, whether it was in the weight room, game or practice since I've been around her and I think she sets the tone," said Ladyjacks Head Coach Brandon Schneider.

She's set the tone since coming in four years ago as the Southland Conference Freshmen of the Year, and has been named to an All-Conference team every year since.

"To me Porsha is like to go to person," said fellow senior Tierany Henderson. "She's very dependable on the court, but she;s the person who you know is going to bring it every game. She's kind of like the rock of the team like when it's all said and done you know Porsha, she's gonna be Porsha every single game."

"Porsha, she leads by example," senior Brittney Matthew said.

Lead she does as the conference player of the year and as SFA's all-time blocks leader, swatting 76 last season alone.

"She wants everyone to succeed and wants everyone to play their best and do their best give whatever it takes for the success of the team and her leadership throughout the years has been great," Matthew said.

"I'm very motivated," Roberts said. "I feel like a lot of people on our team look up to me and I take that in pride and I try to always come to practice with my A game. I never take a play off. I'm always focused and I do."

And as much as being a leader helps Roberts on the court, she realizes her role on this team has grown to mean so much more than just playing basketball.

"It kind of helps me," Roberts said. "It makes me want to become a better person, it makes me to push myself more and it really brings the best out of me."

"Players feed off of her energy more than anything," Henderson said. "She's a very energetic player on the court so if she's doing good it inspires you. I get a lot of assists from Porsha so if I make a good pass and she finishes that hypes me up like yeah let's go so I just feel like her energy really feeds through the team and it gets us pumped."

Which is exactly what they Ladyjacks will need to be, entering the tournament as the No. 1 seed with everyone fighting to take them down.

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