Mud hogging causing serious damage to Angelina County roads

Mud hogging causing serious damage to Angelina County roads

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - County roads have gone from bad to worse all over Angelina County, all thanks to some local ditch-driving shenanigans.

"The problem we have is folks are tearing our ditches up, and they'll actually get in the ditch and run it down a good ways," said Angelina County Commissioner Greg Harrison. "Mud hogging is what we call it, but they're actually tearing the road up, too."

According to the commissioner's surveillance footage, it's clear that people used trucks, four-wheelers, and other all-terrain vehicles to have some fun out in the mud, but the damage they're causing is costing tax payers.

"When they're playing in the ditches, they're tearing the ends of these culverts off," Harrison said. "Those culverts are not cheap, and every time we have to buy one, it costs the county; it costs the people."

According to officials, this so-called game is anything but one, and by making the roads impassable, they're putting the people that live off them in serious danger, especially if an emergency should happen.

"With the emergency vehicles,  it's hard for us to get down the roads, and we're having to rely on other means to get down these roads," said Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches. "Especially the emergency vehicles, they're not going to be able to get down there if the roads are tore up."

County officials have had enough with the danger and destruction and are about to start taking serious precautions.

"We're going to be writing tickets, or if it's an offense that they have to go to jail, they're going to jail because we have dealt with it for too long," Sanches said.

"Please stop. The sheriff's office is in on it now," Harrison said. "You are going to get in trouble. If you get caught, you are going to get in trouble; it's just that simple."

Those that see people mud hogging or have any information on the matter are urged to call the Angelina County Sheriff's office or any of the commissioner's offices immediately.

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