Insurance company lists Nacogdoches, Lufkin among best commuter cities in Texas

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - An insurance company has listed Nacogdoches and Lufkin in the top 15 of best commuter cities in the state.

According to the study released on March 10, Nacogdoches is listed at No. 5 and Lufkin at No. 13.

The study determines the ranking by the average commute time. Nacogdoches' average commute time is 16.7 minutes, while Lufkin's comes in at 17.2 minutes.

"Noted as 'the oldest town in Texas,' Nacogdoches is a great place to settle if you want to open a business and enjoy a short commute. In fact, its downtown district offers residents a variety of business boosting incentives and six in 10 workers get to their job in less than 15 minutes. Six highways intersect with the highway that surrounds Nacogdoches, making the drive easy for those who head out of town for work," the report states.

"These surveys do point out that you have the opportunity to live in a beautiful environment in East Texas," said Bruce Partain, the president of the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce. "You can have a good job, you can get a good education at SFA, and you don't have to have a 30-minute to 45-minute commute every day."

One Nacogdoches business owner only sees one area that could be improved.

"The one area? I would say North Street. I would say it could be widened a little bit and that's about it," said Nacogdoches business owner Joey Renfro.

Bruce Partain said even though the street does back up, it could be worse.

"We're a little spoiled, too," he said. "If you have a seven-minute commute, and then you have a ten minute trip on North Street, you think are in heavy traffic, but, of course, drop into Dallas at 5 o'clock or in Houston at 3:30 every weekday, and you are going to see what real traffic is all about."

In Lufkin, officials point to the construction boom and the future I-69 project as a source for improved commute times and say they only see it getting better.

"Located in the forested lake country of East Texas, Lufkin is a unique community where fascinating history, quiet neighborhoods, and dynamic business opportunities come together. It's also a city where six out of 10 workers enjoys a commute that's less than 15 minutes, and more than 16 percent of locals carpool," the report states.

"I think anytime you see the transportation system grow, and our infrastructure improve, you help traffic," said Angelina County Chamber of Commerce President Jerry Huffman.

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