Ladyjacks hungry for NCAA berth

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - To get the the Big Dance, the Ladyjacks have to survive tournament play first. But already playing in their favor is coming in as back-to-back conference champs.

"We're going into the tournament very hungry, " said senior Tierany Henderson. "We've been every single year it's not a question if we're going to make it's just how are we going to finish."

"Confidence is knowledge based on truth and the truth is we've had a really good year in conference play and there's no reason that if we go to Katy and play like we're capable of we can't have success," said Coach Brandon Schneider.

Getting to the post season hasn't been the problem for the Ladies, it's just about getting to the right tournament.

Last year the Ladyjacks made it to the finals of the Women's Basketball Invitational, but the ladies say it just isn't the same

"The NCAA tournament is like the top of the top players, the top of the top teams and that's what the ultimate goal for any collegiate athlete is to get to the NCAA tournament and not the WBI, the WBNIT, it's NCAA and that's that," Henderson said.

The worse thing the ladies can do going into the tournament, is getting too comfortable entering as the No. 1 seed.

"You still have to go out and be on the hunt and not worry about being hunted," Schneider said.

It's the end of the season, everyone's tired, everyone's on their last limb, but the tournament is a mean beast that wastes no time on excuses.

"Man, you're grinding it out because I feel like it no longer comes down to who knows your plays or who does what," Henderson said. "It pretty much comes down to who has the heart, who wants it more."

"We'll bring our A-game," senior Porsha Roberts. "And we will be playing the best basketball we can play."

"We've come this far I feel why stop now?" said senior Brittney Matthew.

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