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1/23/05-East Texas

Proud Of East Texas: Joseph Hopps

Joseph Hopps' customers see his birdhouses as whimsical woodland Castles for gnomes, hobbits, or little people. But Hopps is quick to point out that birds love them too. Hopps began his art career as a painter.

At first, making birdhouses was just another way of using his creativity, until he won his first major competition. He's been building unique, prize-winning birdhouses ever since. Most of Hopps' birdhouses begin with a hollowed-out log, although he also uses gourds as well.

But it's the tiny staircases, stained glass windows, hand set stones, and other special touches that make his Arbor Castle Birdhouses unique. Hopps sells his birdhouses at art shows and galleries across the country, as well as in the downtown Edom shop he shares with his wife Marty.

Arbor Castle Birdhouses is located on Edom's main street and is opened seven days a week.

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