It's time

We've been talking about it all week. And the community has been hyped all week. Imagine how the players feel. In just a little while, the SFA Lumberjacks' quest for a bid in the NCAA Tournament takes another step when they face off against Northwestern. At 6, Laura Sadler joins us live with the latest highlights and score. She'll also preview the Ladyjacks game tomorrow, as they face off against HBU.

It's been about nine months since an Angelina County mother disappeared, seemingly without a trace. It's hitting home today for her friends and co-workers as she turns 34. The staff at Logan's Roadhouse in Lufkin held an all-day remembrance and Michael Douglas brings you that story at 6.

Driving to and from work is an everyday occurrence for East Texans. But as Caleb Beames explains at 6, at least one study shows the commute is one of the best in the state for drivers in Nacogdoches and Lufkin.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor