Rainy weather causing trees to fall down around Lufkin

Rainy weather causing trees to fall down around Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When the Montes family heard a loud crash outside of their home Monday night, the last thing they expected to discover was their large Post Oak toppled over in their driveway.

"It was very scary, they said the noise was extremely loud and they had no idea what it was," said Lufkin homeowner Samie Montes.

"It was like a big thump! So we went outside and we were shocked," said Vivian Montes, the youngest member of the Montes family.

Other people around the Lufkin area have reported large trees falling around their residences as well. According to local tree experts, it's all due to the ground being too damp from the current rainy weather.

"A lot of the old trees, their root system will rot when it's wet for a long time," said Lufkin tree service owner Chris Hughes. "While it's dry, they may stand there forever, but when they get so saturated, that root system can't hold the tree up."

Like the others who experienced collapsing trees, the Montes family never thought it could happen to them.

"You always hear about trees falling due to the ground being so wet, but I really never thought it would happen to us," Montes said.

While it's nearly impossible to detect if  tree roots are rotting, there are things people can do to help prevent trees from falling.

"If they want to keep their trees, they'll have to top them and make them not so top heavy," Hughes said. "Maintain the branches, make sure they're not too heavy for the tree."

Even if trees are maintained from getting too top heavy, sometimes they can still fall. Instead of trying to take care of it themselves, people should call a tree professional.

"Leave it alone, let the tree service take care of it because trees are dangerous," Hughes said. "They will hurt you, even a little stick could hurt you."

Even though the accident was shocking, the Montes family is grateful the tree didn't cause any major damage.

"It was scary but I'm just happy it didn't fall on my house or my dad's car," said Grace Montes, the family's oldest child.

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