Meth & Infants

A two month old baby girl who lived in a house on Ferguson Street in Nacogdoches never had a first Christmas. The child's lifeless body was found three days before.

The infant lived on a quiet neighborhood street. Most people would say a great place for a child to grow up. But they would never guess that in this home meth was being made.

Investigators feared meth poisoning. They know meth is dangerous to people of all ages, but particularly to children. Narcotics officer Kent Graham says, "Just the toxic vapors to a small child is very dangerous. The chemicals are carcinogens and they're exposed to children."

Graham says an autopsy reports Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was the cause of death. Is he convinced the meth didn't lead to what doctors call a natural death? "Not at all," he says without elaborating any more.

Graham plans to file meth charges against both parents. Police have charged the mother, Ricci Linn Still with child endangerment. Nacogdoches Police Officer Greg Sowell says, "The further investigation revealed there was enough evidence to charge endangering a child based on the presence of the child there and no way related to the death of the child."

The Deep East Texas Narcotics Task Force is currently investigating four meth cases that involve children. Investigators' worst fear is the epidemic will directly lead to a child's death.