High lake levels mean bigger fish

High lake levels mean bigger fish

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The recent rainfall has made a significant gain to river and lake levels and for fishermen that is a sign of promise.

"I'm going out there today to find out if they are ready or not,” Randy Malloy said.

Malloy traveled to Jackson Hill Marina from Shelby County after the area had a chance to dry out over the weekend.

According to the Texas Water Development Board, the level at lake Sam Rayburn is currently 2 feet above pool level.

Malloy said the cold rain kept the fish from biting but people Jackson Hill owner Terry Sysmpson.... said he has noticed a change over the last few weeks.

"In the last few weeks we have had a lot of big fish,” Sympson said.

Sympson said the high water levels on the lake from the winter rains combined with the sunshine and warming temps have made the fish more active and brought with it an early spawning season.

"Now that we have gone through that last winter cold spell, we've had a week of 50 degree cold weather at night and the sun has come back out with the temperature up in the low 60's which is prime for the spawn. It's already started but now it is going to accelerate."

Angelina County Parks Director Jason Kartye is hoping for a few more days like today to give the late spring breakers a chance to catch some fish.

"We really just need a few more days like this,” Kartye said. “Just bright sunshine and 80 degree weather to warm that water up."

Kartye thinks the early signs of big fish point to an active season.

"They've already caught several big bass out of Rayburn, early pre-spawn,” Kartye said. “You know when those big girls get up shallow, everybody loves to fish for them."

Malloy is hoping for that prediction to become a reality.

"I'm a fisherman,” Malloy said. “I'm ready for it to get good. I'm tired of sitting at the house watching fishing shows."

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