Jasper family's storage unit burglarized after losing home in tornado

Jasper family's storage unit burglarized after losing home in tornado

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Jasper family is looking for the person or persons involved in a burglary that took their last few items.

A couple months ago we told you the uncanny story of the Brewster's who lost everything a tornado.

It only hit their home, but their losses didn't end there.

Jasper Police Department is now investigating the burglary of the family's storage unit. It held the few sentimental things they had left.

December 27th was the day an F1 category tornado spun down Brewster St without warning. A home and new cars were destroyed, but the Brewster family was grateful that everyone was safe.

Months later, they had a new place to call home. They then discovered that this time it wasn't a force of nature that got away with their valuables, but a burglar. Several things went missing from their storage unit in Jasper.

"You never think it will happen to you, but it will in a split second. We're all still here, and all this can be replaced," the Brewster's said in December when they lost their home.

Jasper police department is seeking help from the community, asking that they report the items, a flat screen TV, a grandfather clock, an antique mantle clock, and family portraits.  The sentimental items are most difficult to replace.

The Brewsters are happy that the first storm has passed, and hope this too will be resolved.

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