Lumberjacks react to history of NCAA 12th seed upsets

Lumberjacks react to history of NCAA 12th seed upsets

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Cinderella may being wearing purple into this year's ball.

"We're extremely happy with it. We were 12 seed last year and we got a victory, and we really like our draw this year being a 12 seed," said senior Jacob Parker.

We've seen time and time again, there's something about that 12 seed that always makes the upset in the tournament. It proved to be true when the Lumberjacks beat VCU last year.

Why the history?

"A lot of talent people get overlooked," said junior Thomas Walkup.

"I think it's a lot of guys that go under the radar and are still very talented," said Parker. "It's underrated, flying under the radar guys against the guys that go to the big combines throughout high school and get McDonalds All-Americans and stuff like that."

"You get matched against power teams, power conferences who may be a little younger, who may have been in the middle of their pack in their conference. They haven't won their conference obviously. It's kind of a unique dynamic," said head coach Brad Underwood.

When the tournament first starts, upsets are all people seem to talk about and at that point everyone seems to root for the supposed "underdog."

"That alone is giving the 12 seeds a little swagger, probably adds a little bit of pressure to the No. 5," said Underwood. "All that becomes a factor."

"I definitely like having the 12th seed. A lot of people are picking that upset, for the 12-5 upset all the way around, and so it just gives you that extra bit of confidence you need to go into a big game like this," said Walkup.

As strangers to the tournament last year, the basketball world is now quite familiar with the Lumberjacks as the 12th seed sits on their shoulders entering the NCAA's.

"We're not going to surprise anybody and they're going to be prepared," said Underwood.

"At this point in the tournament everyone's 0-0. It doesn't matter what you are. If you win, you advance and that's the bottom line," said Parker.

When you get to the tournament, there are no underdogs. Let the madness begin.

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