St. Cyprian's kicks off Bayou Bash with student bake-off

St. Cyprian's kicks off Bayou Bash with student bake-off

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The competition was fierce this morning as St. Cyprian's 4th and 5th graders showed off their desserts at the annual Bayou Bash Student Bake-Off.

"It was really tough year this year," said St. Cyprian's 5th grader Tristan Minguez.

"I was amazed, but they never cease to amaze me," said Dr. Sherry Durham, St. Cyprian's principal.

With this year marking the school's 60th anniversary, the students really brought their A-game to impress the judges and take home first place.

"You could really tell they put some thought into their desserts," Durham said. "So we were really proud of all of our children."

The students used a lot of creativity to come up with the themes of their desserts this year. Anna Kate McKinley, the fourth-grade champion, used her ancestry to create her crepe station.

"My family is part French, so I wanted to do something that had to do with my heritage," McKinley said.

Tristan Minguez found inspiration from his younger brother for his surprise chocolate cake.

"The puzzle pieces represent autism," Minguez said. "I just wish that when God sees it, he'll see them and put the missing pieces back together, so Axel will be well and not have autism anymore."

The judges were impressed with all of the desserts and were especially moved by Tristan's.

"The judges were really touched. They were putting their hands on their hearts and drinking lots of water," Tristan exclaimed.

While not all of the students walked away with prizes, the faculty and staff were proud of the value and pride they put into their work

"We do have a tradition here of excellence, and you'll find that when our children put forth their best efforts, you're going to find excellence," Durham said.

The first-place winners from 4th and 5th grade will recreate their desserts to put on auction at the Bayou Bash on April 10th.

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