East Texans use different methods when filling out March Madness brackets

East Texans use different methods when filling out March Madness brackets

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - When it comes to filling out NCAA tournament brackets, there are many different methods to the Madness.

"I like to pick who I personally like and the the teams that I do not like, I don't let them get out further," said Timpson native Joe Grabowski.

"Normally I like to go with my skill and how much I know about the teams," said SFA alum Brett Cue.

A lot of people that don't pay that much attention to college basketball tend to go with home team loyalty.

"This year I just picked all the Texas teams because I just thought, why not," Grabowski said. "This is the most we've ever had in the tournament at one time that I can remember in my lifetime."

More serious fans go with knowledge of the teams and studying past tournament trends.

"You have to watch for upsets, but I tend to kind of  go with schools that are historically known as great basketball schools," Cue said. "But every year you have to go with a twelve seed over a five."

For those who don't know much about college hoops, they tend to go with more unusual methods.

"I picked Oregon because I like their football team, and then I picked North carolina because it's an awesome vacation spot">

There is one rule, however, most people who fill out brackets tend to agree with.

"You know there's never going to be a one seed that gets upset by a 16 seed, it just never happens so you never really have to worry about that," Cue said.

Still, no matter how closely people follow college basketball, bracket challenges are anyone's game because the outcome of  the NCAA tournament is so unpredictable.

"I pay the most attention to college basketball, and I tend to do, probably the worst when it comes to brackets, it seems," Cue said.  "The least you know about college basketball, the better you'll probably do."

So no matter how well some people are doing on their bracket challenges so far, they should be wary, because when it comes March Madness, anything can happen.

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